Breed Profile

Country of Origin: Germany
Breed Purpose: Pets and exhibition
Breed Size: Medium
Breed Weight: Female/Doe: 3 to 6 lbs.
Male/Buck: 4.5 to 6.5 lbs.
Breed Color(s): Broken and the Solid varieties. Each  variety may include the following colors:
Blue, Lilac, Chestnut Agouti, Lynx, Ruby-eyed White, Black, White, Chinchilla,  Blue-eyed White,  Chocolate, Tri color and Orange
Physical Appearance:

They are a medium thick set rabbit with a muscular body. It has good width and depth balance to it.

They have a strong bold featured face that is reminiscent of a wedge shape and a stumped nose shape.

Their ears lop downwards hanging close to the sides of their heads and their earl openings turned inwards. Their ears are usually no longer than .75 to 1 inch in length.

Temperament: They are perky, inquisitive, quite easy to train, friendly and full of energetic fun


Rabbit Grooming


1 x week

Energetic Rabbit

Activity Level


Docile Rabbit



2045500 - bunny cute ear easter fl


6-7 lbs