Breed Profile

Country of Origin: Turkey
Breed Purpose: Pets and Angora wool
Breed Size: Medium
Breed Weight: 4.4- 7.7 lbs.
Breed Color(s): White with ruby red eyes
Physical Appearance:

Fur on the ears and the entire face except above the nose, and front feet, along with their thick body, and wool. Their wool is very dense, silky and soft at only 14–16 microns in diameter
Facial features give it a puppy or teddy-bear look.

Temperament: They are perky, inquisitive, quite easy to train, friendly and full of energetic fun



Rabbit Grooming


1 x week

Energetic Rabbit

Activity Level


Docile Rabbit


Even-Tempered & Affectionate

2045500 - bunny cute ear easter fl


4-7 lbs